Thai Menu

Coach and Horses Thai Menu, freshly cooked by Chef Aod. Mains served with AAA grade steamed sticky jasmine rice and shrimp crackers. Some dished can be made vegetarian.

Green Curry

Fresh chicken or tiger prawns, freshly made creamy coconut curry with lime leaf. Aubergine, sweet potato, onion, baby corns basil and fresh chilli

Chicken Paneang Curry

Chicken breast slices or tiger prawns smothered in sweet Panning curry with lime leaf infusion, mixed peppers, onion, basil and fresh chilli.

Jungle Curry

Originally from the east of Thailand, this is a spicy curry which is made from homemade paste, no coconut milk, herbs & chills, vegetables and stock

Thai Curry of the Week

Please ask for our special Thai 'Curry of the Week' freshly prepared by our resident Thai chef Mr Aud

Stir Fried Garlic Chilli & Fresh basil sauce (Pad Gaprao)

Chicken, pork or prawn, fresh chilli, garlic and basil leaf in a light oyster sauce and vegetables

Thai Garlic and Black Pepper Sauce (Kratium Prik Thai)

Chicken, pork or prawn stir fired in a rich oyster sauce, fresh garlic and back peppercorns'

Toasted Cashew Nut & Oyster Sauce (Pad Med Mamuang)

Chicken, pork or prawn stir fried vegetables toasted cashew nuts & dry chilli in a rich oyster & soybean sauce

Sweet Tamarind and caramelised onion sauce (Nam Makaam)

Chicken, pork or prawn in a rich oyster sauce made using sweet Tamarind, onions and mixed vegetables

Sweet Chilli Cod (Pla Rad Prik)

Deep friend cod goujons in a homemade sweet chilli sauce with vegetables

Tom Yum Goong/Gai

Choose from Tiger Prawns or fresh chicken breast. Spicy and zesty broth made with infusion of lemongrass, lime leaf and galangal root with vegetables