Pub Style Classics

The Coach and Horses Pub favourites from our very own Tenby locals.

Mussels & Frites

Steamed Whole shell mussels 'Mariniere' style with white wine, cream & onion served with ciabatta to soak up the delicious broth & chunky steakhouse chips

Boozy 'Mega Cod' & Chips

Huge fillet of cod in a crispy 'Worthington's beer batter served with lemon wedge, tartare sauce, peas and chunky chips

Steak, Guinness & Stilton Pot-Pie

Freshly made with prime steak, Guinness stout & touch of stilton blue cheese cooked with onions and mushrooms until tender under a puff pastry topping. Served with garden peas and chunky steakhouse chips

Classic Gammon & Eggs or Pineapple

Fresh grilled horseshoe of Gammon with either two fried eggs or pineapple. Served with chunky steakhouse chips and garden peas

Gourmet Coach Burger Stack

1/2 pound homemade prime beef burger, 2 cheese, fried egg, bacon, sautéed onions, homemade BBQ sauce topping in a soft bun with chunky steakhouse chips

Lasagne verde Al Forno

Prime beef in a rich tomato ragu in layers of spinach pasta with creamy béchamel topping, garlic ciabatta, salad leaves and chips. Vegetarian also available

Freshly Made Risotto

Choose with fresh chicken breast risotto or vegetarian Mushroom and spinach served with grilled ciabatta slices