Chef Aod’s History

Posted on June 1, 2016


Mr Sitthiphong Phetluk's Story.

Mr Sitthiphong Phetluk’s Story. 

At age of 12, I started my first job at the local bakery. After completing my shift at work, I would go to evening school to complete my studies. On turning 16, I continued to work in the bakery, until I progressed to work in a busy hotel as a kitchen porter. As an inspiring chef, I knew I had to start at the bottom of the pecking order. In order to climb the ladder and eventually to reach the top. In the 18 years of working at the imperial hotel, Soneva Fushi, Soneve Kiri, Park Inn Hotel, Maldives. Chef Aod’s training consisted of working tirelessly with 5 star chefs, high standard of hygiene, cold and hot dishes and the list goes on.

After successfully completing my chefs training I went home to Thailand to gain experience of working unaccompanied at a hotel in order to improve my employability chances. Chef Aod took it upon myself to learn English fluently to broaden his knowledge.

I was fortunate enough to meet the Jones family. In Phuket, Thailand, who were originally from Tenby, Wales. The Jones Family owners were looking for a Thai chef to work at the Summer Inn. Early 2005, I made contact with the UK Home Office to apply for a work permit, which was a long process, as it took up to 6 months to be verified. This was very exciting time for me because I was one step closer to achieving my dream of working in the UK. However, on the other hand it was also a very emotional time as I had to leave my family behind.

Ben Jones, the owner of the Coach and Horses has a strong passion to study the art of Thai cuisine and i was his ambition to bring the unique art of Thai cuisine to Tenby! With Chef Aod’s support we created an iconic menu to deliver to the town of Tenby. Chef Aod has worked in the Paddock, Penally, The Lifeboat Tavern and now his current position as head chef at the Coach and Horses.

“Weak today, strong tomorrow” (Chef Aod, 2016)